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Frequently Asked Questions

Ooni Koda is for outdoor use only. Before beginning, remember to read your manual carefully and to store these for future reference.

Sorry, we are able to take orders from anywhere but we can ship to GCC only.

Absolutely! Every Ooni Koda will come with a 1 year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty.

Ooni Koda is currently only available to order online however we are working on having units available in stores soon, watch this space! Alternatively, you can see Ooni Koda in action on our Facebook, Instagram, pages or search #blackoryxbh for user images and videos.

If you want to get in touch with our team for anything then send an email over to info@blackoryxbh.com or call us: +973 336 265 82 or  reach out to us on our social channels.

Ooni Koda does not need a door. It’s been designed for ultimate speed and ease of use; you’re able to watch your pizza or other dishes as they cook, and turn and retrieve pizzas with ease.

Ooni Koda does not have a chimney. It’s a super compact, portable pizza oven, and has been designed with these objectives in mind.

Ooni Koda produces no smoke as the gas burner and gas valve assembly are designed in order to ensure a very clean burn, and the entry to the oven has been designed to function in the same manner as a chimney normally would.

Yes, Ooni Koda has a flame safety device fitted. If the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on, the FSD will automatically cut off the gas supply to Ooni Koda.

Ooni Koda has been designed for use with propane gas (patio gas) only.

The dimensions of the box that Ooni Koda will ship in are as follows: 282mm x 460mm x 720mm.

The box containing Ooni Koda will weigh approximately 13.5kg.

There are various factors which can affect the appearance of the flame in your Ooni Koda. This can include ambient factors and weather conditions such as wind. The reason your flame varies in colour may even be down to something as simple as the flames interaction with the Flame Safety Device (FSD) on right backside of Ooni Koda. This will not affect the performance of your Ooni Koda.

Many Ooni owners prefer not to clean their Stone and allow the high Ooni temperatures to burn off any excess food.

If you need to you can scrape off any excess with a spatula or your Ooni Peel. If your Ooni Stone requires cleaning, we would advise trying to turn your stone over and cooking on the other side – you should find that the high heat will clean the stone for you.

The stone baking board in Ooni Koda may change colour but this will not affect performance. Excess food can be left to burn off under the high temperatures inside Ooni Koda. Cleaning and care instructions for the stone baking board can be found here.

It’s happened to the best of us, but follow these tips and you’ll never suffer the heartbreak of losing a pizza again:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7kIjZh2rxU – Top 10 tips for launching the perfect pizza

  • Your peel, dough and toppings should all be at room temperature. Dough is easier to stretch and slide off the peel at room temperature. If you are cold proving your dough, leave it at room temperature for at least 5 hours before beginning to stretch.

  • Ensure the dough that you are using isn’t too wet. You can do this by adding a generous sprinkling of flour to the dough and peel before beginning you stretch. Remember to follow the Classic Pizza Dough recipe on page 15 for best results.

  • Check that there are no holes in the dough before adding sauce and as the sauce can create a ‘glue’ effect between the dough and the peel.

  • Before adding your toppings, lightly shake your peel to ensure that the dough is moving freely.If not’ pick up the dough and add more flour to the peel.

  • Do not leave your dough on the peel for a long time before cooking.

  • If the dough has become stuck to the peel, lift it at one side and give a gentle blow of air underneath: This will create a ‘hovercraft’ effect and your pizza should glide more easily from peel to stone.

Ooni Koda is for outdoor use only. Before beginning, remember to read your manual carefully and to store these for future reference.

Check the connections on the propane tank, hose and regulator. They should be secured and checked for leaks before every cook.

In order to season, run Ooni Koda at top temperatures for 30 minutes before extinguishing. Once cool, wipe down the inside with paper towels.

Seasoning your Ooni Koda will burn off any remaining oils or coatings from the manufacturing process so that you are ready to cook. This will also give you the chance to familiarise yourself with the features of Ooni Koda.

Ooni Koda has been designed to run at up to 932˚F (500˚C). You can adjust the temperature using the gas control knob.


Ooni Koda should not be left running for extended periods of time without cooking. If you are taking a break from cooking, give Ooni Koda a break too by switching off or lowering the flame output using the gas control knob.


Children and pets must be kept at a safe distance while Ooni Koda is hot.

We have video guides to help you get the best from Ooni Koda. You’ll also find delicious recipes and inspiration at our recipe section.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

If you have any questions – or want to send us some pictures of your delicious Ooni Koda dishes – you can always reach us at info@blackoryxbh.com . We love talking all things pizza and Ooni.

We would not recommend adding a parcel of wood chips to the oven while cooking in Ooni Koda. Ooni Koda is designed as a gas-only model.
Ooni Koda features a temperature control dial which offers full flexibility for reaching a range of temperatures – simply turn the dial to enhance or reduce the gas flame.

Ooni Koda will perform best when sheltered from the wind. Choose a spot that is at least 1m (3ft) away from buildings or structures.

Place Ooni Koda on an outdoor table sturdy enough to hold weights exceeding 30lbs (15kg). Ooni Koda has tipped feet, this will protect the wooden, metal or stone surface you choose. We do not recommend using glass or plastic tables.

After you have enjoyed food made on your Ooni Koda and are ready to pack up, simply turn off the flame using the gas control knob and detach the regulator from the propane gas tank.

Give Ooni Koda at least one hour after extinguishing before attempting to move or clean. Ensure Ooni Koda is completely cool and dry before storing.

Setting up Ooni Koda is as easy as 1,2,3 and can be done in less than 5 minutes. Ooni Koda is designed to run on propane gas.


  1. Remove Ooni Koda form packaging including the stone baking board sleeve

  2. Unfold the legs

  3. Connect to gas


Please refer to your manual for country specific instructions

Once you have successfully connected the regulator,open up the gas from your propane tank.


Push in and slowly turn the control knob counterclockwise until you hear a click and the burner ignites.


Continue to push in the control knob for 5 seconds after ignition and then release.


Ooni Koda should run quietly when lit. If you hear a roaring noise from the gas burner, switch the gas off for 5 minutes and re-light.

Our priority is for you to enjoy Ooni Koda in a safe and fun environment. Ooni Koda has a Flame Safe Device (FSD) built in. This means that if in any case the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on, the FSD will automatically cut off the gas supply to Ooni Koda safely.


If you notice that the flames have gone out, turn off the gas supply and detach Ooni Koda from the propane tank.


Leave for 5 minutes before re-lighting.

When you’re not making fantastic pizzas or sizzling a steak on Ooni Koda, store Ooni Koda indoors. This is especially important in adverse weather conditions such as snow or heavy rainfall. Remember to make sure Ooni Koda is completely dry and cool before attempting to move or store.

If you are located close to the ocean or a body of salt water, protect Ooni Koda when not in use by storing indoors.

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