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Pizza Peel

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Product description

Just like Roccbox itself, the Gozney Peel has been carefully engineered for use. A commercial grade pizza peel for home use, the Gozney peel makes cooking in Roccbox a dream. The peel is made from lightweight, hard -anodised aluminium thats strong and built to last. The peels ridges and perforations provide a non-stick surface, perfect for pizza and dough placement. The peel also has a specialist tapered edge which effortlessly slides under a pizza base, loaf or hot cooking tray. Use the peel to place pizza in the oven, to manoeuvre cooked pizza, or to place small dishes in and out the oven.

What's in the box?

1x Aluminium Pizza Peel

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Engineering Quality

Utilising our experience in commercial and residential cooking, we set about making the ultimate home peel, suitable for use in Roccbox. Made from 1.5mm hard-anodised aluminium, the peel tapers to a 0.5mm edge for sliding under baked goods, effortlessly. The Gozney peels specially placed ridges stops dough sticking, for easy pizza placement into a hot oven. The peels perforated aluminium surface allows excess flour to fall through, preventing flour burning on the oven floor. Robust and lightweight, the peel cools quickly and enables steam to escape the pizza base on removal from the oven for a crispier pizza. The peel is rust resistant.

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The Best Peel on the Market…

After many requests, the Gozney peel is now available to purchase separately. A Gozney peel is already included with a Roccbox purchase. Purchase an additional peel to speed up pizza making when entertaining, for pizza cooking in Roccbox in quick succession, easily.

" If Roccbox sold that peel separately, I would not hesitate to recommend it as my top choice "
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