spree salon and spa

Spree Salon and Spa

The story unravelled from a series ‘Spur of the moment’ events and lead our fall in love, tribute giving and celebration of what is Spree today. From the moment we had our heart set on an electic concept hang out that brought Beauty and Fashion together we set out to finding an ideal space. Day after day, we would return to this intriguing the little Blue Hut only to find a chirpy blue bird waiting for us on the fence. No fail come day and night the little blue bird was there, friendly, cheery and distinctly elegant, and just like that, we knew it was meant to be. Was it fate that we would meet the little blue bird.

Spree bird came as we took on our adventure and made it much more meaningful. That’s exactly what we aim to do for you, give you an adventure to remember, a spur of the moment journey into pampering as you make your way into twists and turns, we look forward to have you back, just like the first time all over again.


P.O. Box 30254, Budaiya, Bahrain

Phone Number

+973 3362 6582


Info@blackoryxbh.com | sfakhro@blackoryxbh.com